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BFI-Solutions for China Marketing
Promotion in the Chinese Market

BFI, your trusted cooperation partner in China, offers you procurement, marketing, consultation, translation and localization services.


China is a market of enormous potential. Here, we will provide you with information consultation such as market research, and legal policy consultation, laws and regulations, for your specific investment area,. In addition, based on the strength of our experienced and professional business consultants, we will provide you with services to successfully access the Chinese market. These services include: assisting to familiarize the foreign investor with the city social environment; acting as an agent to complete the establishment of company or representative offices, including company site selection and registration; undertaking, upon the demand of clients, employee hiring and training, and offering professional legal, financial and tax consultation; helping the foreign investors’ Chinese-based organizations to expeditiously start normal operations; and, serving as an expert in Chinese market exploitation and marketing to assist in an efficient market promotion.




1. Establishing an enterprise: In order to establish a company or representative office in China, a foreign enterprise must first pass the examination and approval of the relevant Chinese governmental departments. In this regard, our company can on behalf of you apply for a certificate of approval, complete the industrial and commercial registrations, customs and tax registrations, and open a bank account, so as to expedite company establishment time and reduce unnecessary expenses.

2. Factory search: Since we are a local firm and already very familiar with the Chinese market, we can rapidly locate a factory that is most compatible to your company’s production needs. Our efficient location services will provide you many advantages and save both time and money..

3. Agent search: Based on the needs of your product, service and the current state of the Chinese market, we will find the most suitable agents to perform market exploration on your behalf.

4. Locating a cooperation partner: We will locate, contact and recommend a trade and economic cooperation partner and an investment partner to help you begin normal operations as soon as possible.

5. Patent and trademark registration: We have the support of relevant legal groups, are very knowledgeable with Chinese patent and trademark laws, thus making your company registration easy and convenient.

6. Recruiting and Employment: We will assist you in staff hiring, training and Human Resources management.

7. Professional Consultation: We provide professional legal and financial consultation based on our client’s needs. We will also assist your company in resolving difficulties as they emerge at the beginning of operations.

8. On-line Marketing (E-Marketing): Using a variety of E-marketing techniques, we can promote your product and website to the vast on-line Chinese community.




Please contact our team for further information or to get a free quote:
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