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Beijing Office
Rm.105, Tower A, No.84 XiSiBei Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing,China
Tel: +86 10 8589 7235
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Shanghai Office
A,7/F,595 Caoxibei Road,Shanghai,China
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BFI-Solutions for China Marketing
Business services in China

BFI, your sincere cooperation partner in China, offers you services of procurement, marketing, consultation, translation and localization.


Research and Consultation on Chinese Market

Familiarizing the local consumers, laws and regulations, we provide services of marketing research and marketing strategy planning aiming at Chinese market, covering all project implementation phases, i.e. information collection, market research and strategic development (market accessing strategy, investment strategy, pricing strategy, propaganda and operation strategy), etc.

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Marketing in China

China is a market full of potential. Here, we will not only provide you information consultation for your aimed investment area, such as market research, and consultation of policies, laws and regulations there, etc.; but also, on the strength of our experienced and professional business consultants, give you conveniences to successfully access to Chinese market.

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Procurement service in China
We will act as your procurement office in China to find the best resources for you. Our advantages are: familiarizing the national policy, knowing well the procurement procedures and operation, having good personnel relationship with supplier, and being capable to find reputable suppliers and qualified products for you, so as to help you save cost and strengthen the core enterprise competitiveness.

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Exhibition service

BFI, experienced in exhibitor reception, experts in translation and having wonderful territorial advantages in Beijing and Shanghai, is capable of providing the best translator and professional accompanying and secretary service for you. Holding the good cooperation relations with many hotels, guesthouses and travel agencies, we can offer you all meeting related services

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Translation and localization

Fametrans endeavors to provide genuine professional and high-quality language services for clients, which requires translators’ integral capacity of Chinese attainment and sufficient knowledge in relevant industries. All translation works done by Fametrans will be gone through strict proofreading and editing to ensure the faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance.

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