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BFI-Solutions for China Marketing
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BFI, your trusted cooperation partner in China, offers you procurement, marketing, consultation, translation and localization services.


Multi-language translation is a critical service in BFI uniquely designed to eliminate the language barrier and guarantee the smoothness of business communications for investors. It provides professional multi-language translation and localization services, including website localization, product package design and production, product manual and instruction book localization, contract and technical document translation, business meeting interpretation and international conference simultaneous interpretation.

Technical document translation

Our services involve technique/document translation and publication; we have established all-round standards and accumulated millions of terminologies in different areas---in order to grant professional, precise and timely translation/interpretation service---of Industries and S&T,IT,Medicine,Legal,Economy & Trade,Personal Data,Culture and other areas, covering over 30 languages.

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Chinese Extracting & Refining Service
“Chinese Extracting & Refining Service” is an advanced form of service transcending ordinary “translation service”, breaking away from the conventional way of term-to-term, sentence-to-sentence and paragraph-to-paragraph translation. It is to extract and translate the original text combining Idiomatic features of Chinese language based on the full understanding of the original contents and the involving backgrounds and underlying implication----skillfully draw the “highlight” out of the text in a refined and fluent way.

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Interpreting services

Fametrans, at present, enjoys over 200 full-time and part-time senior interpreters mastering different languages and different fields, they are competent of delivering excellent interpreting services for various conferences and talks.

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Website Translation

Website translation service provided by Fametrans enables you to achieve a close connection with your customers. The process of website localization will be carried out by the translator and network engineer together. Our rich experience in website localization and promotion will be helpful to enhance your market advantages and improve your brand image.

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Audio/Video Translation

We can provide high quality services such as audio/video translation, dubbing, subtitling and making for clients at home and abroad through cooperating with TV stations and other companies in the industry.

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Desktop Publishing

We provide services of multilingual DTP and desktop publication targeting both local and overseas market. We have had the multilingual operation platforms equipped with hundreds of Asian fonts and thousands of Latin fonts; and typesetting formats including FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, MS Word and Powerpoint, etc.

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