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BFI-Solutions for China Marketing
Our Case History

BFI, your trusted cooperation partner in China, offers you procurement, marketing, consultation, translation and localization services.


Our Cooperation Clients

Associates of Cape Cod Inc.
Qingdao Alkitronic Machinery and Power Generation Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Schneider Electric
American Energy Control Company (AEC)
HYUNDAI Corporation
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Yahoo! Inc.
Mölnlycke Health Care Group AB
TUV Rheinland
Switzerland Marc Booker Construction Co., Ltd.
Rapid Building Systems Pty Ltd, Australia
Singapore Asia Construction Equipment Private Limited Company
Russia Peace Oil & Gas Industrial Corporation
Shell China Ltd.
P & G
Jones Day (USA)
BBDO Consulting
Anderson Mori & Tomotsune
Sony (China) Limited
Financial Supervisory Service of Korea
Bank of Korea
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Bank of Japan


Our Case History

In 2011, provided accompanying services to a French client for the entire course of his business trip to Shanghai.

In 2011,provided services to a German client studying the characteristics of ancient Chinese architecture design

In 2010, Completed the financial and market investigation report for Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange.

In 2011, provided services to a Japanese client establishing a China-Japan cultural exchange and cooperation program

In 2011, provided services to a Spanish client manufacturing toy cars for introduction into the Chinese market.

In 2010,provided services to a Netherlands’ client introducing food machinery into the Chinese market. The result was a smooth market entrance and prosperous success.

In 2010,provided services to a US client introducing bear products into the Chinese market.

In 2010, provided services to a German client introducing medical appliances into the Chinese market.

In 2010, provided services to a German client establishing an architecture market in China.

During the World Expo, provided exhibit product transport services to numerous foreign clients transporting products into China.

In 2010, provided services to a US brand accessory company building distribution channels in China, resulting in a successful implementation

In 2010, provided website finishing localization services to a Korean clothing company.






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