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BFI-Solutions for China Marketing
Procurement in China

BFI, your trusted cooperation partner in China, offers you procurement, marketing, consultation, translation and localization services.


As a result of highly refined industrial divisions and scales of operation, China is the world’s foremost manufacturer of industrial products. It has over time forged an advantage of efficient and low-cost supply, especially in the Yangtze River and Pearl River Delta regions where a multitude of industrial clusters have formed. With each passing year, there are more and more foreign enterprises entering into cooperation with various types of Chinese enterprises. Products of every category are being purchased here, including industrial raw material, components, semi-manufactured goods, OEM products, as well as high-end products, such as electronic products, home appliances, chemical products and industrial products and even traditional arts and crafts, However, to many of these foreign medium and small enterprises, there is still a significant problem - the diversity of languages, cultures and business traditions.

We will serve as your China procurement office to find your company’s most suitable and compatible resources. We possess the benefits of: familiarization with national policy, in-depth knowledge of procurement procedures and operation, strong supplier relationships, adept at locating reputable suppliers and qualified products, all of which reduce your company’s costs and strengthen the core enterprise’s competitiveness.

Please contact our team for further information or to get a free quote:
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