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Document writing(Chinese Extracting & Refining Service)

“Chinese Extracting & Refining Service” is an advanced form of service transcending ordinary “translation service”, breaking away from the conventional way of term-to-term, sentence-to-sentence and paragraph-to-paragraph translation. It is to extract and translate the original text combining Idiomatic features of Chinese language based on the full understanding of the original contents and the involving backgrounds and underlying implication----skillfully draw the “highlight” out of the text in a refined and fluent way.

This service plays an important role in bringing the final touch for the translation of copywriting in brand planning, such as webpage text, slogans, corporation introductions,business plans, business promotion marketing planning books, market research reports, corporate management consulting reports, industry advisory reports, financial analyses, audit reports, evaluation reports, notarial documents, foreign legal instruments, application documents, immigration documents, work history, personal resumes, personal statements and letters of recommendation, etc.

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