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Website Translation

A multilingual website of an enterprise clears up language barriers during the promotion of products or services to other countries. Website presented in different languages facilitate people in different countries to visit without barrier, and the enterprise to expand its sales channels, enlarge potential customer groups, improve the recognition of enterprise’s image and thus strengthen its competitiveness.

Generally, translation of website text includes: translation of main text, headline, insert text, caption of images, database.

After finishing the translation, our experienced network engineers independently handle the latter part of the task with webpage making techniques such as HTML, XML, SGML, JAVA, JavaScript, ASP, PHP and JSP. They can also make adjustment and test for webpage effect according to characteristics of target language so as to meet unique requirement of the target market.

Our website localization services include:
Text translation and typesetting
Webpage design and making
XHTML language and CGI, ASP, PHP, JSP programming
Graphic Design
Animation Production
Java program and JavaScript, VBScript
Establishing network database
Providing Adobe PDF documents
Website publishing, maintaining and updating

Process of website translation / localization service:
Extracting and translating
proofreading and embellishing
Website localization making

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